Who are we?

Martin is a second generation tenant farmer. He inherited the farm tenancy from his father in 2011, after his dad served the same land for forty years. 

Jessa is an experienced project manager and has been working on the farm since early 2019.

What are we doing?

We have a ten acre site on the farm which we are turning into our little slice of Eden on the south coast. We want to grow seasonal produce ethically and sustainably and deliver it within 15 miles of the farm. We are rescuing battery chickens and these girls will supply us with amazing, tasty eggs while naturally fertilising the soil to regenerate it. Nature’s ploughs are pigs and we will have a couple to help improve the soil and create a wonderful basis to grow root vegetables and salad crops. We plan to have dew ponds to collect rain water and dew to irrigate the fruit and nut trees without the need for mains water.

Why are we doing it?

We think there is another way. We want to go back to the way our grandparents did it. We want to reduce plastic and food waste and cut down on food miles. By delivering it ourselves, we will have one vehicle doing many journeys rather than many vehicles doing one journey.